The great thing about Cinco stands is how quick and easy they are to fit the trees. The wide open base can accommodate tree stumps upto 10cm so there is no need to waste time trimming the stump or worrying about only choosing a tree with a certain stump thickness. There is a spike in the centre of the stand to position the tree and three easy to fit screws grip the trunk securely and allow fine tuning to ensure your tree is perfectly straight. The stands can also hold water, keeping the tree fresh once inside your home.


We have found the Cinco tree stand to be the best value stand available on the market:

  • For trees up to 6ft in height
  • Trunk diameter upto 10cm
  • Water capacity upto 3lt
  • Steel cored plastic screw bolts and metal spike insert to keep your tree in position

    Cinco Stand 6

    • In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your Cinco Classic Stand, we are happy for you to return and choose another one or we will offer you a refund. 

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      Please let us know your preferred delivery date (please allow up to 24 hrs before we can make delivery). Thank you.